It is raining today!  Can’t believe it. We should still be on the edge of winter and spring…spring here is always lots of snow, not rain but it is raining.  Birds are crazy excited. No snow on the ground, the grass is still brown but The May Flower tree buds have been peeking out for the past few days.  I have a section of my garden where tulip leaves are up but mostly everything else is still brown and sleeping. Of course after this rain I am sure everything is about to change!

I set my Sedum pot and Mock Orange bush out in the rain for a tasty treat. Hope they come back again this year.


And so….I begin a journey with my Backyard Bumblebees

On the other side of the city my daughter observed a Honey Bee slowing moving around. (photo below/residential area).  Amazing to see at that time of year (March 11th, 2015) .  I worried that it might be an indicator the bumblebees might come out too early and risk harm because, afterall, it is still winter here although this winter has been especially mild! Also interesting is that we have no ‘wild honey bees’ here…or do we?

Honey Bee

Honey Bee